Guess what I decided to forgive you, I refuse to be your prisoner

Many nights passed, but to me they weren’t any good nights, couldn’t sleep a flash. Stayed awake, staring into the space, like I was watching men walking on the moon. My mind disturbed and my heart in deep pain. I wondered how could the one I gave my heart to, tear it so bad, drop it so low without a wink in your eye, and crash it so bad, like ice crashed into a milk shake.

How I wanted to fall deeply asleep so bad, hoping that I would wake up out of this nightmare. But girlfriend, looks like I never received the memo, this is for real. Not a nightmare or Afro Cinema, but it is my real life more twisted than a nightmare or better still a Nigerian movie. It is My Real Life, playing before your very own eyes. Reality checks in!

Tired of explaining to trusted family and friends, seeking their opinion. Was getting tired of the sympathy and them saying how anyone could be so low!! Nothing or no one could give me the answer I was looking for, not even myself. Truth is, no amount of words could explain what had just happened. Not on the earth or in the heaven. None!

So I decided to change the script of my real life drama. I decided to remove myself from the equation; I decided to stop subscribing to the hurt, the drama and most of all, to you. In a moment of a minute, I decided that the script of my life deserve some, laughter from the deep wells of my belly, glitter in my eyes, sparkle on my gold plated teeth, fairly tale romance, holy ghost moments in the morning, praise and worship on Sundays, rhythm and blues as I sip my well brewed Kenyan tea before being taken into my dreamland. Yes, that and more..

You might be going through a hard moment of betray, trust broken and misused, Joy stolen from you. No peace of mind. The easiest path to choose is the path of despair, tears, revenge and seeking pity party.

But I challenge you to snap out of it! Choose to decide your destiny will be a happy one filled with joy, love and prosperity. I challenge you to rewrite the script of your Real Life Drama. Maybe you may have done that before, I encourage you to rewrite again and again and again. It is your damn life.

To crown it all, send this message to your betrayers: “Guess what, I decided to forgive you, I refuse to be your prisoner”

Yours Truly, S.A


September shall be a month to Remember

It has been long since I wrote, but thank God, this September I have remembered to write.

It is September, it is the month of remembrance

We are in the ninth month of the year. See how far God has brought you.

In a human life cycle, 9 months represents many things:,

  1. Fruitfulness – Meaning a woman carry’s a baby in the womb for nine months and by 9 months that baby is grown enough to face this world alone.
  2. New beginnings – As soon as the mother travails, the bouncing baby comes forth signifying a new journey a new life.
  3. Completion/Delivery – Means completion of carrying and laboring for the baby, it is time to deliver.

To me, this is a significant month spiritually, it is a month of remembrance, a month to travail and bring forth the dream/vision into accomplishment. It represents a new dispensation, another dimension and a higher level.

It is time to travail  and bring forth. Don’t fold your hands now and say I have tried for 9 months, it is time for you to push and push until you see the manifestation. This is possible not by your strength, only by his His grace. What I can assure you is that GRACE will deliver. This is not the month to throw in the towel, it is the month to travail. Scriptures says, as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth. That is my portion. and so is your portion in Jesus Name.


I decree that September  is a month to Remember. You must fully deliver!

Sarah M. Michael

Fill My Cup Lord

With my gaze, sharply on Him, ever calm and in control. Never moved by anything but full of compassion. I say to myself, I just want to be just like you Lord, my Father.

No doubt, at times in life, I am at ease, calm, swinging to the rhythm of my music, and perfectly so. Nothing getting me off guard, always ready to attack and conquer.

But you see there are times, when the above is not so. One battle after another, everything screaming for my attention, yet I am spread to the limits. Plans failing, promises not being fulfilled. Pressure from every side, bills staring at me, dreams dwindling off my arm reach.

So I turn, to Him, who knows the end from the beginning, He never changes, always constant. My heart desires His character, to be just like Him. I am filled with a longing and a thirst that pepsi cola won’t quench.

He looks at me with so much compassion that throws me into a moment of tears streaming down my cheeks. With my eyes on Him, I lift my cup to Him. See my cup is full of things that are draining me. The pressure of life, my dreams, my friends, my busy schedule, you name it, am sure you have the same story, if not now, there before.

He starts pouring Himself into me. His Character i.e Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, immediately, His calmness becomes my story, His peace becomes my testimony. It starts running over, I mean overflow reaching to all that come near me..

I cry out, Fill my Cup Lord, I lift it up to You…has become my secret!


They say that a change is as good as rest! That’s statement is 100% true!

A change ushers in freshness, new levels of energy, new ideas, new people to your social circle, and new depths in one’s character and so on.

What they don’t tell you is that, a change can be uncomfortable, can cause you to be nervous, and also make you unsure of yourself and the direction you are headed to. But at the end of the day, changes are inevitable. Change is permanent.

But if you wish to lead a fruitful and impactful life, changes are important. If you are not willing to change, then I doubt if you will ever grow.

Bearing the above in my mind, then you are able to embrace change with a positive attitude. It could be a change in your marriage, relationship/friendships, a certain way of doing things, moving from city to another and at times, a change can mean cutting off things that tend to draw you back.

Having gone through enough changes in my life, I have come to realize that, sooner or later, you learn to dance the new dance to suit your new change, and as a matter of fact, you enjoy the rhythm more since you know where you are coming from. A change ushers in a new level of maturity in one’s walk of life.

The first steps maybe rather uncomfortable, you may miss some steps too, but just keep at it, eventually, you will pick up the beat and groove smoothly into life as you enter another season of your life.

How well do you deal with change in any area of your life? Please share with the world.

This is your Inspired Minute with Sarah W.


I have come to learn that in life, I don’t loose, I either win or learn! Now that is real talk!

When you are a faith-filled person, many may label you a fanatic or delusional for not seeing the “reality”. Because faith demands seeing the possibilities out of many would call a dead situation or simply an impossible situation.

The truth is if your are Faith-filled, you happen not to have options like:

  • 1. Giving up.
  • 2. Living a lifeless life – I mean just an empty life
  • 3. Stop dreaming.
  • 4. Loose passion for what you know you are meant to do.
  • 5. Assume that there is no purpose God has deposited into your life for you know the purpose is in you.


Looking at the above -mentioned options, none appeals to me, for if I am Faith filled, I am wired to:

1. Never to give up.

2. Always speak life into my life situations

3. Always dream and dream even bigger dreams

4. Live passionately! Have a passion for anything you find yourself doing per time.

5. Live a life around the purpose God has placed over my life which is within my reach.


So I choose to press in and press on until I see the purpose God deposited into my life lived to the full measure.

Why don’t you join me and lets press in for more today! Life is so much fun this way.

Remember, whatever it is that you have been through in life, it will never be wasted!


Love you …SW.


What an awesome time I have been having in this holiday season. Had a wonderful Christmas carols on the 24th night…yes in Dubai, the first I have ever been part of! Truly I can say 2012 has been a year of new things for me..a year I have been able to close unpleasant doors and behold new doors sprung open before my very own eyes…Freshness to be precise!

My heart is expectant, and waiting on the Lord for 2013! Excitement is in the air..because I know 2013 must surpass 2012 according to Prov 4:18

Seated here on this relaxed afternoon, doing what I love to do – write, I want to prepare for 2013 consciously as I wait for the 31st Dec 2012 to hear what the Lord has for me! Did I say I am EXPECTANT! For I know my expectations shall not be cut off…!


1. Close/walk away  from anything that is not in God’s will for you.

I mean anything that is not of peace is not of God! I know it takes courage, but just take the first step and the rest will follow. You don’t need to walk into the new year with baggages upon baggages of 2012. Walk free!

2.Open your spirit for something new to be deposited in your life.

Just be open to receive newness. What you expect you experience, and I also know of a truth that expectation is the mother of manifestations.

3. Be specific and clear about your intentions for 2013.

If you want to have a close walk with God, put that down on a paper, if you want to loose weight, be specific on the weight you want to achieve, if you want to be a better spouse to your partner, be specific on which areas you want to improve as a husband/wife, this will help you to be accountable to yourself. Things don’t just happen, you make them..

Please share with us, how well we can get prepared for 2013!

Sarah W.


2012 is almost over! How time flies when you are having fun.

Fresh memories of January are still here with me. I remember the many plans, the schedules and also the expectations I had when January was here with me, and now thinking we are in mid-December, counting them days and 2012 will be gone!

With nostalgia, I remember moments of the Lovely February, March, April, May, June, July August, September, October and November!

I remember the places I walked out of with anxiety, following the leading of the Lord, just for the Lord to usher me into “the place”, He had prepared for me to lie down in green pastures!

What is left with me is just but a list of the things the Lord has done for me.  From where I come from we call those things “BLESSINGS”. I am compelled to start counting them, but they are just too many to count! I can comfortably say that they are countless!, and all I can say is “ Father I thank you”, in Swahili we say, “ Asante Baba”! As I write this piece my mind is still stayed in that long list of blessings and I cannot help but whisper, “Father, Lord, I thank you!

Probably you are seated there reading this piece and thinking well, that could your story which seems to be too good to be true. Well, let me encourage you and tell you, yes, there might have been some storms here and there, but the truth of the matter is that the Lord brought me through those storms and I am still standing! Some disappointments here and there which later on the Lord turned them and made them major appointments!

Bottom line is those things which worked in my favor are too many compared to those which didn’t line up in my favor! Take you deeper, in the course of the year I encountered some small disappointment and my Man of God told me, “Nothing to worry about, because you are in God’s plan, it can only be for your good. Talk of slapping the disappointment in the face!

So please join me in thanking the Almighty God and say “Father, I thank you for 2012! 2013 can only get better, that I know!

God bless you!